Designer Fellowship: RIVET

  • Location: Remote
  • Living Stipend: USD $2K – $3K per month (adjusted according to the country where the Designer Fellow is based)
  • Time Commitment: 40 hours / week for 6 months

About the Organization

RIVET is a nonprofit start-up that harnesses the purchasing power of young consumers to fund their generation’s leadership and innovation. We work with brands and influencers to create pop-culture moments, products, and experiences about which Gen Z is passionate, giving young people more options to support brands that share their values. When young people choose to support our brand partners, they trigger donations that fund the work of youth changemakers around the world. Co-led and co-designed by young people, RIVET represents the largest investment in youth-led social change…ever.

Over the next ten years, our conservative business model estimates that we will invest between $250MM and $375MM in youth-led social innovation in the areas that young people (and corporate ESG priorities) care most about: education, sustainability, health & wellness, and poverty & inclusion. Building on our founder’s three-decade research in youth development that grew out of the Harvard School of Education, we will:

  • Measure project impacts on broader communities, as well as the impact of investment on the young people themselves. 
  • Track where funding comes and goes with full transparency.
  • Maintain a self-sustaining financial model, with 10% of revenue covering our operations.

A year ago, RIVET was just an idea. Since then, we have achieved many milestones in our organizational start-up phase:

  • Designed a youth-focused brand and engaged potential brand and NGO partners.
  • Launched a sustainable business model. RIVET is structured as a nonprofit with a uniquely self-sustaining financial model driven by co-branded product sales 
  • Assembled our staff leadership team. RIVET is being brought to market by a team of leaders at the intersection of youth-led impact, consumer power and brands. 
  • Assembled our Advisory Council. We are fortunate to have the brilliant guidance of C-level executives from some of the world’s biggest brands.
  • Piloted a proof of concept. Through a partnership with Funko we raised $350,000 with $100,000 supporting RIVET operations and $250,000 supporting 1,000 youth projects in 66 countries
  • Raised $1.7MM in philanthropic start-up capital

About the Job:

RIVET is launching a fellowship  program for entry-level youth to help build RIVET.

The RIVET Designer Fellowship is a 6-month full-time fellowship programme that offers entry-level professionals the opportunity to co-design and build RIVET with us. 

The RIVET Designer Fellows will be young builders/generalists with a diversity of skills. They will collaborate tightly with the Head of Youth Engagement as well as the rest of the team and will be involved in strategic decision-making as well as carry out the execution of different work streams across departments.

If you are a young person between 18 and 27 years of age, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a hunger to help build the largest investment in youth-led social change ever, this opportunity is for you!

You can download the full deck with more information here.


Mission-alignment: You are passionate about authentic youth leadership and accelerating youth-led social change.

A strong moral compass: You bring integrity, care, and thoughtfulness to interactions and communication. It takes forever to build a brand and only one cut corner to destroy it.

A builder and a generalist: A generalist has a wide range of knowledge in various subjects and holds many skill sets. You often prefer to expand your knowledge by learning about the responsibilities of various jobs within a workplace. You can work in many sections of a department or in several departments.

Entrepreneurial spirit: You are flexible, creative, and curious. As a startup, sometimes we know what we’re doing, and sometimes we try, fail and pivot. The only constant is change.


In tight collaboration with the wider RIVET team and supported by RIVET’s Head of Youth Engagement, you will:

Ideate and brainstorm: You will support, generate and brainstorm innovative ideas to build RIVET’s brand and community.

Design: You will support design activation programs and engagement opportunities.

Lead and own: You will execute on different work streams as well as own those that you have ideated across departments.

Connect, build and engage: You will connect with different RIVETers from around the world and help build and manage RIVET’s youth community.

Create: You will support RIVET’s social media content creation.

Help design & build RIVET: Help design and translate RIVET’s strategies into work plans and execute against them. You will be working under the leadership of the Head of Youth Engagement, and supporting across departments from marketing to impact and operations. Each fellow will own at least one project.

Support with RIVET’s community management: RIVET is building the biggest youth-led consumer movement known to history. You will be supporting the building of our community and their day-to-day engagement.

Customize your experience with us: The goal of this program is to help you skill-up and expand your knowledge in the areas you’re most passionate about. As a Designer Fellow you’ll be able to choose where you want to spend 50% of your time. The other 50% will be subject to organizational needs and priorities.

Some of your day-to-day tasks will include:

  • Design sessions with the team
  • Managing our RIVET Community
  • Carrying out different RIVET activations
  • Supporting the CMGO, the COO and the CEO when needed

These skills / interests are a plus:

  • Design skills, especially graphic design
  • Community management skills
  • A passion for impact work
  • Tech-savviness and coding skills

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