Digicel Foundation’s Community Grants Program 2023

Digicel Foundation


About the Organization:

The Digicel Foundation is accepting applications for the Community Grants Program to create a connected, educated, safe and healthy PNG. The Digicel PNG Foundation looks for partner organizations that work in line with the development priorities, they provide support to their partners through grants and capacity building. They work together to monitor and evaluate the success of the programs and projects and provide a platform to share collective story of change.

  • Improve the lives of people in rural – urban communities through quality health and education programs;
  • Strengthen innovative partnerships and communications for change;
  • Build a smart and sustainable organization.

  • The focus areas for organizations to apply for funding include:
    • Education and Literacy
      • Projects that help to improve the educational outcomes for disadvantaged communities.
      • Proposals can include support for community libraries, literacy programs for children and adults, support for resource centres, inclusive education for people living with disabilities, innovative ways to unlock digital learning, support for STEM education in schools, teacher training etc.
    • Health
      • Projects that help communities improve health outcomes. This can range from health awareness to service delivery projects.
      • Particular focus is given to projects that address maternal mortality, community based rehabilitation for people living with disabilities, water sanitation hygiene (WASH) Programs, Feminine Hygiene projects etc.
    • PeaceBuilding
      • Projects that assist anti-violence advocates and human rights defenders in communities and increases access to services for victims of violence.
      • These projects can include assistance to safe houses, peace-building initiatives through sports, conflict resolution training. Particular focus will be given to projects that emphasis working with men on violence prevention programs in line with the Men of Honour Campaign run by Digicel Foundation.
    • Leadership and Sustainable Livelihoods
      • Projects that assist with civic engagement and leadership development.
      • Projects can include leadership skills training, civic engagement, strengthening local governance, sustainable livelihoods, nutrition and agricultural projects.

Funding Information

  • The program aims to support local organizations with community grants of up to K50, 000.
  • The project must be completed within one year from the time of receiving the funds.


  • Increased access to quality, primary health care.
  • Increased access to quality, inclusive education.
  • Improved water and sanitation.
  • Increased access to services for people with disabilities.
  • Reduction in violence for safer communities.
  • Increased opportunities for citizens to drive solutions for change.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Organisations must be not-for-profit and have all statutory documentation in place e.g. IPA certification, Constitution, Tax Identification Number etc.
  • Organisations must serve the majority of people in their respective communities;
  • Organisations must have and display the leadership, financial management, experience, expertise and capacity to effectively carry out the proposed program activities;
  • Program proposals must support Digicel Foundation goals.
  • The Community Grants Program does not provide funding for the following:
    • Individual needs such as scholarships, etc.
    • Endowment funds or funds directed towards deficit reduction or operating reserves;
    • Trips, conferences, seminars, festivals, one day events (unless they are a part of an approved program activity);
    • Church programs that have no direct link to their key development.

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