Environmental Advocacy Internship in Africa

  • Deadline: April 23, 2022
  • Commitment: 32h+ per week
  • Work Level: Internship
  • Compensation: $100
  • Location: Remote Tanzania

About the Organization:

Art in Tanzania is introducing and implementing environmentally friendly solutions for Tanzanian communities. These solutions include dry toilets, composting and household water reuse, and solar water purification systems. We also emphasize sustainable tourism operations.

About the Job:

Environment Advocacy placement is an essential task in Tanzania as the public knowledge of environmental protection is poor. Tanzanian communities lack the economic strength needed to implement environmentally friendly solutions in their households. Presently less than 50% of households have a toilet. Interns are developing sustainable and affordable solutions, including dry toilets for homes and schools.

This program includes an introduction to solar-based water purification as well. Other green work includes developing compost, finding sustainable sources for providing heat for cooking, developing tree and bamboo nurseries, educating the neighbourhood, and doing advocacy work.

Sustainable Wildlife Safaris and other tourism operations are essential local sources of funding. The safaris also help us in our work towards sustainability.

We are developing a sustainable NGO business model to streamline revenue into communities.

You can also get experience in an African tree nursery and help in planting operations.

The internship outcome is to learn to use your studies and experience to work in developing country conditions.

Work hours are 6-8 hours per day, Monday through Friday. Your program can be from 2 weeks to 12 months. Commonly internship is 2-3 months long. The placement starting dates are flexible.

Academic-level team leaders are daily supervising your internship. We monitor your work with a weekly plan and report system to secure you proceed well with your tasks.

We can take students in all year round as all programs are ongoing. Your placement is tailored to your background, experience, and interests to empower our daily work with the communities.

The typical morning tasks include practical fieldwork in the schools and communities, and afternoons are for planning, reporting, and social media visibility functions.


  • Accommodation with breakfast and dinner is USD 175 per week and is a personal expense. However, the cost drops to USD 125 per week after the first 13 weeks.

  • Airport transfers from and to USD 120 are a personal expense
• Charity VISA for immigration is USD 50 is a personal expense. A 3-6 months charity VISA is USD 250, and 12 month one is USD 500.

  • We pay a USD 100 per month stipend to you. It is small but 2x Tanzania’s national minimum wage. The minimum participation time is four weeks for the assistance.

  • Flights are a personal expense.
  • Local program transport in Tanzania is a personal expense but small if needed. 

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