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ESMT’s MBA scholarships have been designed to help you make your international business career a reality. With more than 28 scholarships on offer, outstanding MBA applicants are welcome at ESMT Berlin.

Scholarships are allocated based on academic excellence, personal and professional achievement, leadership potential, and superior interpersonal skills. Only self-funded MBA candidates are eligible and all scholarship apply solely to tuition fees.

You will apply for a scholarship during your application to the MBA program. There are two types of scholarships available:

  • Automatic scholarships – you do nothing, these are awarded based on whether you meet certain criteria
  • Application-driven scholarships – these scholarships require you to answer a specific question (see below). This is collected as part of your MBA application.  You can apply for up to three application-driven scholarships but will only be awarded one.

Note that multiple automatic scholarships can be combined with only one application-driven scholarship.

Full-time MBA Automatically Awarded Scholarships

Early application scholarships

Completed online applications submitted in rounds 1-3 will receive a scholarship corresponding to the round in which the application is submitted.

  • Round 1 – €6,000
  • Round 2 – €3,000
  • Round 3 – €1,000

Test score excellence scholarship

If you submit GMAT or GRE scores at the 85th percentile or higher, you will receive a €3,000 scholarship that celebrates your success.

Eligibility: Applicants will be considered after submitting a completed application to the Full-time MBA program including official test results from either one of the tests mentioned below. Scores submitted after the application has been processed will not be considered.

The scores required are:

  • GMAT:  total score of 690 or higher
  • GRE:  verbal score of 160 or higher; quant score of 165 or higher
  • BAT of 16 or higher
  • EA of 157 or higher

Requirements: Applicants must submit official test results, no older than five years from the date of application, from either the GMAT or GRE

German Language Scholarships

Full-time MBA Application-driven Scholarships

To be considered for one of these scholarships, you will need to answer an additional question in your online MBA application. Each scholarship requires a response to a different question.

The following conditions apply:

  • You can apply to up to 3 scholarships.
  • You can only be awarded one scholarship.
  • Applying for scholarships does not guarantee a scholarship award, irrespective of how many you apply for.

Diversity Scholarships

30% Club Scholarship:

Outstanding women who have either excelled in leadership positions or have significant leadership potential.

The 30% Club is a global campaign focused on increasing gender diversity at board and senior management levels.  With this scholarship, ESMT wants to encourage and support outstanding women to reach senior leadership roles.  One scholarship of 30% off tuition is available.

Question:  Tell us why you do – or do not – agree with mandatory board (or senior management) quotas for women.

Women in Business Scholarship:

Ambitious women with exceptional professional achievements.

There is a lack of gender equality in global business.  With this award, ESMT is seeking to support women’s career development and advancement.  Six scholarships of €5,000 are available.

Question:  How can women empower each other in their personal and professional lives?

Rainbow Scholarship

Diverse candidates.  Special consideration is given to self-identified LGBTQ applicants.

The Rainbow scholarship supports ESMT’s commitment to diversity.  Special consideration will be given to self-identified LGBTQ applicants.  One scholarship of €5,000 is available.

Question:  How have you contributed to LGBTQ+ causes and impacted the community?

Regional Scholarship

Excellent academic and/or professional profiles, leadership skills, and growth potential.

Regional scholarships will be awarded to those with extraordinary academic and/or professional profiles, leadership skills, and growth potential.  You will be expected to be an ambassador for ESMT.

  • Africa and the Middle East – two scholarships of 50% off tuition are available
  • Latin America – three scholarships of 25% off tuition are available
  • Central and Eastern Europe – two scholarships of 25% off tuition are available
  • Asia – two scholarships of 25% off tuition are available
  • Western Europe – two scholarships of €5,000 are available
  • North America – two scholarships of €5,000 are available

Question:  What does being an ambassador for your region in the ESMT community mean to you; and how will you be an ambassador for ESMT in your home region?

Impact Scholarships

Future Leader Scholarship

Will be aged 28 or younger at program start and has a track record of leadership.  Special consideration is given to under-represented minorities.

Qualified applicants having a track record of leadership and aged 28 or younger at the program start are welcome to apply.  Special consideration will be given to underrepresented minorities.  One scholarship of 25% off tuition is available. Question:  ESMT is committed to developing responsible leaders, what is your vision of responsible leadership?

Dean’s Excellence Scholarship:

Excellent academic credentials, significant professional achievements, and demonstrable leadership skills. Awarded on the basis of excellence, the Dean’s Excellence scholarship rewards students with strong academic credentials and demonstrated achievements.  Beneficiaries are expected to be active members of the ESMT community and ambassadors for the school. One scholarship of 50% off tuition is available. Question:  What impact would you like to have as an ambassador of ESMT?

Vali Berlin Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Either working at your own company or proactively exploring new business ideas. Voted the best city to start a company in, Berlin has an active startup scene and ESMT wants you to be part of it.  Scholarship recipients will be guaranteed a place in the Vali Berlin Summer Entrepreneurship Program. Two scholarships of €5,000 are available. Question: In the course of developing your business, what was the most useful piece of advice you received and how did you apply it?

Impact Scholarship

Have created a positive social impact by addressing one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Change can be accelerated when social issues and business are aligned.  The Social Impact scholarship is for applicants who have had and will have, a positive impact in making the world a better place. Two scholarships of €5,000 are available. Question:  How have you positively impacted society or the environment?

Network Scholarships

e-fellows Scholarship

Candidates who have attended a MasterDay event or are e-fellows alumni.

Applicants who have attended a MasterDay event or are e-fellows alumni can apply for this scholarship. One scholarship of €10,000 is availableQuestion:

How will receiving this scholarship help you positively contribute to the learning environment of your peers at ESMT?

Bundeswehr Scholarship

German Bundeswehr Officers who are exiting the military.

ESMT is pleased to offer scholarships to all German Bundeswehr Officers who are exiting the military.    Unlimited scholarships of 25% off tuition are available.

Question:  What skill, developed during your service with the Bundeswehr, will help you and your fellow students most as you study for an MBA, and why?

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