Global Health Corps U.S. Fellowship, Global Health Corps 2023

public health fellowship

About the Program

A GHC fellowship is an exciting opportunity to build skills as an effective leader, but it’s also much more than that. It’s a year that will catalyze your personal and professional growth, placing you within a global and diverse network of bright, young, and committed health equity champions. It is – we hope – a catalyst for an impactful career working towards equitable health systems.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Deepen your self-awareness. You will develop a clearer sense of your unique leadership strengths and weaknesses, and an informed understanding of how you’re perceived by others. You’ll articulate their personal values, explore their role in advancing health equity, and develop a vision for their growth as a leader.
  • Improve your capacity for learning. You will explore barriers to and opportunities for learning about yourselves and your work. You’ll develop a personal learning agenda, interrogate personal mindsets and explore new strategies for learning.
  • Extend and leverage your networks. You will adopt practices to extend your network in strategic ways. You’ll do a personal stakeholder analysis to consider the relationships you want to develop to increase your learning, extend your influence, and get the support and critical insights you need to advance your leadership. You’ll integrate into GHC’s global community of 1,200+ alumni and advisors.
  • Improve your understanding of how change happens in a system. You will explore frameworks and tools that help you to better understand and analyze the systems you work and live in. You’ll develop an understanding of how change happens and strategies you can use to leverage systems change.
  • Increase your efficacy. You will gain confidence in practicing your leadership and achieving positive results in your workplace and community. You’ll be able to apply the knowledge and insights you develop through immersion in GHC’s leadership framework and leverage the relationships you develop through GHC’s community of alumni and advisors.

Experience, Skills and Qualifications

Public health is a broad field and we are excited to consider applicants across sectors – including federally qualified health centers, local health departments or state agencies, government agencies, universities, community-based and non-governmental organizations, and private sector employers. There are no specific education or training requirements to be eligible for participation. Our application and review process are designed to assess willingness and ability to fully engage in the fellowship as well as leadership fit for the GHC community.

How to Apply

All fellows will participate in:

  • Monthly virtual workshops (3 hours/workshop)
  • Monthly small group learning (1-2 hours/month)
  • 360° assessment
  • Executive coaching (6 sessions)
  • GHC staff coaching and support
  • 2 in-person convenings (3-4 days/convening)
  • Asynchronous resources – regular preparation will be required through reading, writing and reflection in advance of the activities above
  • $1,000 fellowship grant for continued learning and leadership development 
  • Integration into GHC’s lifelong global network spanning 40+ countries


January 25, 2023: Fellowship Apps Open! Start an application here.
February 7, 2023: Fellowship Info Session —watch here.
February 24, 2023: Priority Application Closes
March 24, 2023: Final Application Closes
June 21, 2023: First Virtual Convening
September 2023: In-Person Convening
May 2024: Final In-person Convening, Transition to Alumni

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