Head of Fundraising/Development

  • Location: Flexible global location
  • Salary: $130,000 – $170,000 USD dependent on experience
  • Closing date: 04/12/2022


The Global Commons Alliance (GCA) formed to catalyse urgent action at an unprecedented scale to protect and restore the global commons – the natural resources we all need to survive, thrive, and prosper (e.g., land, oceans, freshwater, climate, biodiversity). The mission of the GCA is to empower citizens, companies, and countries to become effective stewards of the global commons and support the future stability of the planet.

The GCA has three priorities. The first is to create a mindset shift by mainstreaming a scientific understanding of humanity’s critical dependence on the global commons, the existential threat posed by its tipping points, and develop safe and just boundaries for people and planet. The second is creating mechanisms for action: scale the adoption and implementation of science-based targets for the global commons amongst companies and cities; including through engagement with governments. The third is systems change, so that the true magnitude of the multifaceted transformations we need to safeguard the global commons will be well understood. With that, key actors will know what they need to do, where things are most urgent, and be taking action that sparks and sustains transformational change in order to protect the global commons.

The Alliance comprises about seventy partner organisations who share this vision of progress. Five core components hold responsibility for implementing the priorities together with GCA partners. They are the Earth Commission, the Science-Based Targets Network, the Systems Change Lab, Earth HQ, and a new Accountability Accelerator.

Job description:

The GCA seeks a full-time Head of Fundraising/Development to support the GCA Steering Committee, Coordination Team, and Investor Collaborative in maintaining a $25 – $30 M base portfolio and to work in identifying and garnering additional resources through current and new partners that will support core GCA funding as well as coordinated fundraising efforts of the five core components.


  • Conduct deep research to align Alliance conversations with prospects’ interests and GCA’s offerings.
  • Build out and maintain a relationship tracking database of prospects divided into relevant, diverse categories.
  • Actively pursue likely prospects, tapping relevant members of the larger GCA team particularly Steering Committee and Investor Collaborative members.
  • Develop partnership agreements with current partners to contribute to GCA budget support.
  • Follow up on suggestions from the Investors Collaborative, Steering Committee, and others to arrange 1:1 conversations.
  • Develop tailored support materials for conversations with prospects.
  • Facilitate follow-up between prospects and key leaders from the GCA, tailoring virtual or in-person meetings to the prospect’s specific interests.
  • Work closely with the Investor Collaborative and its Coordinator to ensure timely submission of applications and other documents, and work with fiscal sponsor Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors to review funder reports as requested.
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts with lead fundraisers from all GCA Key Partners to ensure that the fundraising efforts are synergistic.
  • Responsible for raising an annual budget of $25-30 M, working with our existing +15 funders and fundraisers across Alliance components and partners.


The ideal candidate will have 10+ years’ applicable experience with a relevant bachelor’s degree, a track record of securing 6-7 figure leadership gifts, and experience working with large non-profits, foundations, individual philanthropists, and government agencies. Candidates will demonstrate the following aptitudes:

  • Fundraising experience: The GCA has a short pipeline of funding, and the current team is in advanced discussions with a range of large funders. The Head of Fundraising/Development will play a crucial role in supporting the funding process for all GCA components and work with the team to expand pipeline and close deals. Experience with bilateral donors and government funders is a plus.
  • Network credibility: While the GCA and its components have extensive networks and contacts across the broader sustainability and nature domains, the ideal candidate will bring credibility and trust from key stakeholders.
  • Partnership experience: The GCA is a network of partners and not an organization, so success in this role will rely on deep experience in brokering, building, and navigating multi-stakeholder partnerships with NGOs, think tanks, companies, and international organizations.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and experience: While the GCA has been running for three years, things continue to be dynamic and fluid, requiring flexibility and nimbleness. Fundraising for the GCA will require creativity and entrepreneurship, motivated by generating impact and meeting budget goals with the team.

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