Head of Organizational Development

  • Deadline: April 24, 2023
  • Duration/evolution: this is a 2 year contract, with possibility of extension and promotion/evolution into a managing director’s role.
  • Time: 80%.
  • Salaries: competitive for the market.
  • Location: flexible.

About the Organization:

SHE Changes Climate is a global non-profit campaign, driving awareness of the crucial role of women in all their diversity as positive assets for just and urgent climate action. We believe in the co-leadership of men and women in this crucial and complex global transition. As such, we exist to increase female representation at all levels of climate decision-making and to empower women to make those critical decisions. We do this by influencing key players such as governments, campaigning for public support and raising awareness of inequality, collaborating with partners, amplifying the voices of those often overlooked, and providing a platform to support young women taking up leadership positions in the climate action sphere.

About the Role

SHE Changes Climate is currently at a very exciting phase of development with the potential to scale up and deliver positive impacts at an accelerated pace and across multiple geographies.
The Head of Organizational Development will help plan and organize the development of the SHE Changes Climate (SCC) team, governance and broader network to maximize its potential for positive impacts while setting up light and efficient systems and structures of support. The Head of Organizational Development will work as part of the SHE Changes Climate core team, help manage the operations and funding, and work in close collaboration with the donors, the co-founders and the members of the Steering Committee to guide the strategic vision for development on the longer-term.
This is highly strategic role for the development of the organization and network, the preparation of work programs, the management of the team, the planning of priorities, the facilitation of meetings, the planning and monitoring of budget, the development and coordination of key fundraising efforts, and other matters linked to governance, management and operations.


Internal responsibilities

  • Developing and implementing the strategic plan for SHE Changes Climate, in coordination with the Heads of Policy & Advocacy, Women Empowerment in the global South, Partnerships and Communications, with a focus on the back-bone of organizational support including finance, HR and donor relations
  • Setting up and overseeing appropriate finance, Human Resources and other administrative matters which are essential for the smooth running of the organization
  • Setting up and managing appropriate governance structures and driving the Steering Committee development and engagements, including a good geographical balance of its members
  • Managing the team engagement in key events as well as strategic planning meetings and team retreats, including for the planning and operational support to the team and partners
  • Setting up and overseeing the Monitoring & Evaluation system with guidance from the SCC Strategic Advisor, preparing and delivering high-quality impact reports and financial reports to donors
  • Managing and overseeing finance, HR and other administrative matters which are essential for the
    smooth running of the organization

External responsibilities

  • Being a good spokesperson and Ambassador for SHE Changes Climate, being able to represent SHE Changes Climate in strategic meetings and events externally when necessary
  • Proactively identifying and generating opportunities for joint fundraising opportunities with other partners and outreach to donors to amplify and scale up support, in particular to benefit women leaders and women-led organizations based in the global South
  • Providing support to the mentoring program, in particular shaping and driving the seed funding initiatives in key countries where SHE Changes Climate is providing support to Ambassadors and emerging local chapters, in close coordination with the Head of Partnerships.
  • The successful candidate will have a good knowledge of climate change, environmental policies, diversity and inclusion issues, excellent planning and interpersonal skills, strong ethics and team work spirit, and ideally a proven record in successful organizational development.

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