Refugee Fellows Program 2023 – Refugee International

Fellowship Program for Creators 2023
  • Deadline: February 28, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. ET
  • Salary: $15,000 grant in total
  • Time: Part-time

About the Program

Refugees International is excited to announce the establishment of a new Refugee Fellows Program, which will equip and elevate the voices and perspectives of refugee leaders in global advocacy. Refugees International will launch the first cohort of non-resident fellows this year, offering fellowships to four to five leaders with lived expertise of displacement from geographically diverse areas of the globe. Fellows will be emerging leaders in the refugee advocacy community and will partner with Refugees International during a one-year term to advance the rights and safety of displaced people around the world.

The program will help equip emerging leaders to advocate before donors, governments, aid agencies, and multilateral institutions. It will also inform and shape Refugees International’s global advocacy priorities and deepen organizational expertise.

Fellows will be formally affiliated with Refugees International. They will collaborate closely with Refugees International staff to co-design and execute a project or initiative to influence refugee policy. These may include a Refugees International report and/or other forms of analysis and advocacy—including externally published opinion pieces, events, direct advocacy with policy makers, participation in international donor and policy forums, and/or media interviews.

Fellows will join the Refugees International community of practice. They will partner with a Refugees International staff member through the course of the fellowship program and benefit from peer-to-peer learning opportunities with other members of the cohort. Fellows will also receive formal trainings on advocacy and communication skills and strategies from Refugees International staff members and experts, in addition to opportunities for informal trainings.

Fellows will receive a $15,000 grant in four quarterly installments of $3,750 throughout the year.

Refugees International is proud to launch this program and eager to develop it into the future. The fellowship program will begin and conclude with a survey on fellows’ expectations and experiences and reflections for future cohorts.


  • Fellows will propose, co-design, and complete a one-year-long advocacy project on a discreet policy or issue area in partnership with members of the Refugees International staff. These projects can include but are not limited to the production of written advocacy materials, public action campaigns, public education efforts, events, briefings with policy- and decision-makers, media appearances, and more.
  • Fellows will be expected to spend an average of 5 hours/week or about 20 hours/month on the fellowship (hours may vary over the course of the fellowship), including for: trainings, staff meetings, mentorship meetings, advocacy opportunities, and a monthly meeting of the fellows cohort.

Fellowship Eligibility

Personal and Professional Requirements

  • The Refugee Fellows program is a remote opportunity and is open to any individual who has personally experienced forced displacement, regardless of status.
  • Fellows must have a demonstrated track record of commitment toward advocacy to advance the rights and safety of people experiencing displacement.

Language Proficiencies

  • English language competency is preferred for the ultimate success of the fellowship program so that fellows may engage with all aspects of Refugees International work and staff. Competency in other key advocacy and local languages also preferred.

Digital Access

  • This is a remote program, and therefore candidates would benefit from and are required to have their own computer and internet access in order to participate.

Eligibility for Grant

  • Fellows must have a bank account to which the grant can be transferred in adherence with U.S. law.

How to Apply

Submit an application (below) and résumé  before  February 28, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. ET to 
Candidates will be invited to a panel interview in late February or early March. Decisions about fellowships will be made by March 10, 2023, and fellowships will begin on April 3, 2023 for a one-year term.


  1. Please describe your personal and professional experiences with advocacy to advance the rights and safety of displaced people and share what brought you to this work. (500 words or fewer or in a video of two minutes or fewer)
  2. What issue are you most interested in advocating for during your fellowship with Refugees International? Who are the audiences who must be engaged in order to advance this issue, and how might they be positively influenced? (500 words or fewer or in a video of two minutes or fewer.)
  3. How will the Refugees International fellowship help you advance your professional advocacy and leadership journey? (500 words or fewer or in a video of two minutes or fewer) 

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