Research on a System Review of the Effects of Education on Ecological Transitions


Deadline: 15 November 2022 at 23:59 (Paris time).

About AFD

AFD is launching a call for research proposals for a systematic review about the intersection of thematic issues around the education sector and ecological transitions, with a particular focus on developing and emerging countries. The review will address one of the three priority questions identified in this call, namely: the effects of education on climate change mitigation, on adaptation to climate change, or on biodiversity protection and conservation. It will gather, synthesise and evaluate the available evidence on these issues, and identify the main knowledge gaps and levers for action for development projects.

The selected proposal will explore the impacts of general education (or basic education sub-sector) and interventions in this sector(s) on: 

  • Climate change mitigation, and/or
  • Adaptation to climate change, and/or
  • Ecological transition for biodiversity conservation. 

Proposals should provide a clear focus for a literature review around at least one of the three priority questions specified in the Request for expressions of interest file

Eligibility criteria for applicant research teams:

The research team must have only one main institution submitting the application and this must be an academic institution (university, research centre, lab, think tank, etc.). The application must specify the main institution of the research team and the team members’ affiliations.

The applicant institution can be from any country in the world. AFD encourages applicant teams to involve partners from other organisations to complete their team and meet the requirements of this call.

The research team must include at least one researcher from a low- or middle-income country (LMIC, defined as a national of a low- or middle-income country residing in that country). AFD encourages both proposals from low- and middle-income countries (defined as institutions residing in a LMIC) and proposals that include LMIC researchers in the study team. AFD also encourages lead applicants to bring in partners from other organisations to complete their teams if needed.

Multiple systematic review proposals: a single lead institution may submit more than one systematic review proposal (with different priority questions for each paper), if the principal investigators demonstrate having the expertise to conduct the thematic analysis proposed for each systematic review.

Geographic scope:

Although AFD is mainly interested in low- and middle-income countries, the literature review could also focus on high-income countries, in order to highlight existing gaps in knowledge related to low- and middle-income countries, and to build on the knowledge collected in other contexts. 

Sectors of activity concerned:

This research will explore the interactions between the general education sector (or the basic education sub-sector only), and ecological transitions. Depending on the expertise of the research teams, it could f

ocus on the topics of climate change mitigation and/or adaptation to climate change effects, and/or the ecological transitions aimed at conserving biodiversity (See call for proposals). 

Amount of funding granted:

49 000 euros (including VAT)

Duration of project:

10 months

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