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  • We have a niche-based audience, therefore your submissions should be related to the jobs and social impact sector.
  • We only accept submissions that are free. If you desire to use our platform to publicize a paid opportunity, kindly contact us
  • All submissions are reviewed before publishing
  • We do not charge fee for publishing on our website. However, we will appreciate your donation to support our work, kindly support us here
  • All submissions MUST have an official email address. There should be an official website of the organization where applicants can be redirected to, however, if you wish to use our platform to handle your application, we will charge a small amount of fee, kindly contact us.
  • Submissions are posted according to how it is being received. Due to the volume we receive, it may take up to three days for it to be published.
  • Once your opportunity is posted, you might reach out to us to effect any modifications in the posting by contact us
  • Humanitarian Opportunities will not be held liable for any infringements, errors or unlawful activity associated with your submission.
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