The Hilti Scholars Program – MBA Scholarship 2023

About the Program

The scholarship supports the brightest STEM background MBA scholars by covering roughly 50% of their tuition expenses. This will allow students with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics backgrounds to further their education at IMD.

Funded by a generous donation of Hilti Group and the Hilti Family Foundation Liechtenstein, the Hilti Scholars Program will support 6 IMD MBA scholars per year. The application is considered part of the regular admissions application process.

Submit your essay through the IMD MBA Financial Aid form to apply for the Hilti Scholars Program. The IMD MBA Financial Aid form can be found in the Finance Planning section of your MBA application.

The scholarship amount for 2024 is CHF 50,000 per student.

Application deadlines:

  • 15 April 2023
  • 15 July 2023
  • 15 August 2023
  • 15 September 2023
  • 15 October 2023

Financial Need Scholarships for IMD MBA PROGRAM

Your future potential is important to us and we are committed to recognising your accomplishments and encouraging applicants who will bring valuable contributions to the overall class. As we cannot award merit scholarships to everyone, if you will need our financial assistance, please be sure to apply for one of our Financial Need Scholarships at the same time as your admissions application and contact one of our loan providers (see our External Funding link for more information). 

Financial Need Scholarships – up to CHF 30K

  • Deadline to apply: same as admissions application
  • Your scholarship application form can be found directly on your admissions application
  • Criteria : Proven financial need, good academic results, strong reference letter, and steady career progression
  • See the Financial Planning section of your Admissions application to apply for a financial need scholarship
  • Recipients confirmed on an ongoing basis

The Staton Scholarship – CHF 50KClose

  • Deadline to apply : 15 July
  • Criteria : Be a citizen of Latin America (excluding Brazil) and return for at least three years after graduation. The scholarship will be transformed into a loan should the candidate not return to Latin America.
  • Essay : “The role of entrepreneurs in moving my country forward and my contribution to that goal.” (750 words).
  • Submit the IMD MBA Financial Aid Form and supporting documents.
  • Recipient confirmed by 26 August.

The BackPack-Excellence Scholarship for Women – Full scholarship

  • Deadline to apply: 1 July
  • Criteria: Priority will be given to female candidates who have experienced the hardship of being forced to leave their homeland due to conflict or natural disaster, or because they were persecuted for their beliefs.
  • Essay: “Tell us, how, as a displaced woman, an MBA at IMD will be transformative for you and indirectly for other women.” (500 words).
  • Submit the IMD MBA Financial Aid Form and supporting documents.
  • Recipient confirmed by 26 October

The Nestlé Scholarship for Women – CHF 25KClose 

  • Deadline to apply : 15 July
  • Criteria : Preference given to women from developing countries (Employees of Nestlé or its subsidiaries are not eligible).
  • Essay : “Building a diverse and inclusive workplace requires the participation and accountability of each member of the organization. What would you recommend as ways for Nestlé to better foster allyship amongst employees?” (750 words).
  • Submit the IMD MBA Financial Aid Form and supporting documents.
  • Recipient confirmed by 26 October.

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