The Risktakers Fellowship

About Risktakers Fellowship

The Risktakers Fellowship aims to explore the possibilities and what-ifs that enable re-imagining the status quo through a wide range of voices and perspectives. It supports people from Europe and the Mediterranean who, facing the multiple crises of our time, dare to dream and plan equal and diverse futures in the digital space and beyond – for example, by creating digital tools, developing artistic projects or by increasing the visibility and representation of their community.

Ideas Funded

We are looking for individuals who rethink our dominant systems and practices by imagining alternative approaches and new possibilities for desirable digital futures. Their artistic work or civil society engagement draws attention to social grievances and inequalities as well as showing possible ways out. With their ideas, prototypes, artworks and campaigns they offer new starting points for equal, inclusive and sustainable digital futures. We encourage applications by people who are underrepresented in tech or public and social discourse and therefore less likely to receive support for their work.

Fellowship Offer

Each fellow will receive a stipend of €10,000 (gross) which will be disbursed at a monthly rate of €1,250 (gross) over the course of eight months. The stipend will support fellows to work on their projects by providing the financial resources necessary to push their idea(s) further. In addition, each fellow will have access to a budget of up to €2,000 (gross) for fellowship-related costs, such as mentoring, qualification, and travel expenses.

To support and integrate fellows’ networks, each fellow will receive €500 (gross) to spend on a Community Flash Grant. With this grant, fellows will be able to support and honour the work of a person or group in their community or communities.

The programme offers digital check-ins to connect, share and discuss fellows’ ideas and projects as they grow. We also plan to develop forms and spaces of knowledge exchange according to fellows’ needs and requests, such as workshops, talks, and events. Last but not least, fellows will become part of a vibrant community of like-minded practitioners, artists and activists around Europe and beyond.

“The Risktakers Fellowship – Daring to shape new digital futures” is a fellowship programme by Allianz Foundation and SUPERRR LAB.

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