Vice President, Brand & Culture (REMOTE WITHIN US)

  • Deadline: March 31, 2023
  • Status Full-time
  • Classification: Exempt
  • Supervisor: CEO and President 
  • Salary: $193k – $236k
  • Candidate Level: Executive
  • Sector: Communications and Engagement

About the Job

At Global Fund for Women our vision is a world where movements for gender justice have transformed power and privilege for a few into equity and equality for all. We fund bold, ambitious, and expansive gender justice movements to create meaningful change that will last beyond our lifetimes.

About the Job

This dynamic position offers a unique opportunity to work at the intersection of equity, philanthropy, and communications/marketing to drive transformational change towards global gender justice. Vice President, Brand & Culture leads one of three core vertical teams at Global Fund for Women – Brand & Culture. Under his/her/their leadership, the Brand & Culture team grows and leverages the power of Global Fund for Women’s platforms to direct attention and resources to our own and movement partner’s communications and advocacy agendas; aligns Global Fund for Women’s internal culture to our vision and values so we can show up for each other and our partners; disrupts and drives new narratives around philanthropy and gender justice; and supports knowledge production around organizational learnings, analysis, and institutional best practices. Through collaborative leadership across the organization, this role oversees branding, marketing, and communications functions at the organization including digital media and advocacy campaigns; equity and engagement efforts including a fiscal sponsorship initiative geared towards U.S.-based racial and gender justice groups; and efforts to monitor and improve movement leader and strategic partner experience to best meet global partners’ needs. 


  • Serve on the Executive Team responsible for organization-wide decision-making that “lives out” GFW values and drives strategic decisions and communications.
  • Lead the external positioning of Global Fund for Women with a focus on expanding and amplifying the organizations’ global voice on critical global issues relating to gender justice with and in line with movement and partner priorities.
  • Develop and manage the Brand & Culture Team to ensure excellent delivery of functional expertise across all Vertical Teams and aspects of Global Fund for Women’s work while growing new initiatives such as the burgeoning fiscal sponsorship program and Artist Changemaker program.
  • Oversee management of the Board of Directors with specific oversight for the Communications Committee.
  • In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, co-lead process of creating growth strategy and key change management processes in line with organizational strategic goal 5
  • Promote a culture of intersectional feminist theory and practice; decoloniality; global racial justice and liberation; and continuous improvement that values learning and uses challenges as real-world training opportunities to improve movement experience and advance gender justice.  


  • Strong interpersonal skills: attentive listening and observation, transparency, emotional intelligence, and clear communication
  • Exhibit organization, flexibility and time management of daily tasks and long-term projects in a fast-paced environment 
  • Elicit input from stakeholders to facilitate decision-making and make decisions on behalf of team/organization as appropriate.
  • Encourage/empower staff to solve problems while providing the feedback, tools, and resources necessary for staff growth and development.
  • Encourage staff to make proactive investments in self-care and collective care.


  • At least 10 years of experience crafting, shaping and executing on influencing strategies for social change, including movement building, strategic communication, and social change campaigns.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills, including public speaking be able to articulate with passion, commitment and respect the complex concepts involved in the Global Fund for Women’s important work.
  • Experience working in and with feminist organizations.
  • Experience with change management, organizational culture and strengthening strategies.
  • Deep understanding of the diversity of movements we serve & ability to engage and support them respectfully and holistically around their communications and advocacy needs.
  • A solid understanding of a variety of communications channels as well as a passion for using these tools to expand outreach to new stakeholders and raise awareness and funds for Global Fund for Women.
  • Demonstrated expertise in building an inclusive culture.
  • A track record of planning and implementing organization-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.
  • Proven effectiveness as a senior manager be able both to act decisively in the absence of consensus and to build common purpose through flexibility and an eagerness to learn; experience in general oversight of a team’s daily activities, setting priorities and developing annual work plans.

The salary range reflects the San Francisco Bay Area salary scales and will be adjusted based on city, state, and/or country of the candidate so that we can ensure internal equity.

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